My empty inbox

For some reason, the responses from my emails dropped off almost entirely. After getting 6 calls from my first 40 emails, I’m now on email 226 and I’ve only had one new call booked.

What is going on?! (I don’t have the answer yet)...

I realized I didn’t have any data other than the number of emails sent, so I used to track open-rate while still sending the emails manually through Gmail for the last 50 emails I’ve sent. I have about a 70% open rate so far so that isn’t the problem.

I also added “P.s If it’s…

I had another market research call today and felt encouraged I was going in the right direction so I thought I’d share.

Before now there didn’t seem to be any significant link between the individual conversations I was having with my target market and I wondered if my ideal customer profile was too generic.

Today I had call number 4. Once again, “finding & onboarding new staff” came up as a primary pain point. This meant 75% (3/4) stated this is a high pain of theirs.

(The one who didn’t was an external CMO working for several startups — so…

(Read part 1 here:

Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve sent 80 more emails — mostly in the evenings after work. I found the emails using a free trial of LinkedIn Sales Navigator paired with 4 free accounts of to find email addresses (each limited to 10 searches per day).

Almost half of these were sent in the last 3 days. My first 20 emails resulted in 4 calls booked so I took my foot off the gas and haven’t had a single call booked since. I also experimented with upping the company size of my ICP which…

This is me.

After years of wishing I was skilled and talented enough to build a SaaS tool, I’m finally getting over myself and giving it a go.

I’m not a particularly good coder, but I have basic skills. I have no budget to invest in the project and as of right now, I have no interested prospects.

What I do have is:

Some limited experience with marketing for SaaS
I’ve been working for a SaaS PPC agency for the last couple of months and I absolutely love it— I’m surrounded by people who are inspiring to me all day and I feel motivated…

After years of spending £3 after £3 at coffee shops whenever I needed caffeine, this summer I’ve finally fallen in love with home made coffee. I realised it’s not only possible, but not even that difficult to make coffee at home that tastes just as good (if not better) than the coffees you buy when you’re out. And one of the best and easiest ways to do that, especially in summer months, is by making your own cold brew coffee.

You will need:

  • 250g lightly roasted, coarsely ground coffee
  • 1x large mason jar (min. 1.5 litre)
  • 2 x large coffee filters
  • 1 x…

Max Eccles

A digital marketer with a lot to learn and a background in web development.

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